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Word From the Owner:

truckOver a year ago, I was just like most of you. I’d never even heard the word “Cryotherapy” – much less knew what it was. All that changed when I met Dr. Charbel and his team of professionals at Cryotherapy Indy. My mother had been seeing him for her psoriasis and told me about the wonderful results she was getting. I was very curious about this relatively unknown procedure, but my mother said I’d like it because it’s great for athletic recovery.

I booked my first appointment in April, 2015 at Dr. Charbel’s office, and I’ve been crazy for cryo ever since! The very first thing I noticed was the euphoric endorphin rush, and after a few sessions, I began sleeping better and feeling more energetic. It’s helped to reduce the inflammation in my knee and hamstring, and I’m experiencing less joint and muscle pain. After a busy day, going to cryotherapy is like pushing the “Reset” button. Each treatment leaves me feeling refreshed and revitalized – and I think that’s something everyone needs!

Finding cryotherapy has truly changed my life. It started out with one visit to Dr. Charbel, and now it’s become a vital part of my health and wellness routine! I love the benefits I get from cryotherapy, and I haven’t been this excited about something since I started practicing hot yoga! l knew this was something very unique and special……. and just like yoga, I wanted to share it with everyone.

Of course after I tried cryotherapy, I immediately wanted to buy a machine.  The preparation process took over a year, and after months of research, I chose a machine made by USCryotherapy, a company based in Sacramento.  The day it arrived on the truck was a great day!  It’s true…… Anything worthwhile is definitely worth waiting for!  It’s the best (and it’s the only) whole body, electrically cooled cryochamber in the United States.  We’re one of the first in the midwest to have it, and I’m so happy to finally offer this service at True Fitness. Come in and give it a try…… it’s AWESOME!

Karen Fox, True Fitness Owner